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Symach machines are engineered to the customer’s needs and for a long life with trouble-free use. Before the machines are installed at the customer, they are line tested in Symach’s Dutch factory, preferably with the packaging of the customer. Only when the machine is running satisfactorily, is it installed.

Symach design and produce not only the palletiser but also the operating software. Both are individually tailored as much as possible, without significant additional costs. The user-friendly programs are easily adjustable and quickly adapt to new packaging.

Dennis (Haddenham) installed a Symach automatic palletiser that can handle bags and sacks from 5 to 50 kg.

Fast, efficient and gentle handling is the order of the day. Conveyor fed, the stacking head swiftly rotates and places the sacks according to the selected programme. Each layer is placed on heavy-duty, coated trap doors which withdraw to place the sacks gently onto the pallet below which is presented hydraulically to the level at which it receives the next layer. This manoeuvre also includes gentle tamping down of the top layer. Consequently, any potential impact damage is minimised, protecting the produce and profitability.

Peter Dennis is particularly impressed with the tidy stacks that the Symach produces, the bags are usually stacked 9 high.