superclean 1500 –

beet washer

Super Clean 1500 incorporates webs, scrolling rollers, powerful pre-wash and a heavy duty 1500mm barrel cleaner to ensure really clean energy beet for ADP and cattle feed. It can clean and load up to 90 tons an hour, eliminating stones, trash and soil.

The infeed hopper has an open link chain feeding on to a scroll roller cleaner.

Feed from the hopper goes into the de-stoner, complete with waste elevator.

The de-stoner feeds into a heavy duty 3m x 1500mm diameter barrel washer. With full length auger in the bottom of the tank, complete with discharge elevator to remove the soil.

At the end of the washer, is a discharge elevator to feed in to the lorry.

The machine has 120ph diesel engine complete with hydraulic drives.

Capacity  60 – 90 tons per hour.

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