Mixing Plants

One of the first steps to bio-solid composting is mixing the de-watered sludge cake with a bulking agent. This is usually in the form of either wood-chips, sawdust, yard waste etc. We can provide the mixer and associated ancillary components, specially designed to handle the variety of bulking agents used in the bio-solid composting field.

The mixer component performs two important functions when mixing. The first is to mix the cake and wood-chip to a consistent uniform blend, and the second is to separate the cake efficiently – this is critical to prevent anaerobic clumps from forming. The mixers achieve this by the use of a patented design, utilizing shafts incorporating paddles and blades.

The use of green (yard) waste e.g grass cuttings etc can be a good way of increasing the nitrogen content of the final compost mixture. These are usually secondary mixing operations and the David Harrison MLM range of mixing plants can be used for these requirements as well.

Complete Turnkey Screening Systems can be manufactured to customer specification with options including :-

• Various Mixer Sizes with capacities from 20 to 300 Tons per hour
• A range of discharge options – Conveyors / Elevators etc.
• Steel splash cover with inspection doors.
• Static or Mobile options.

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